Monday, December 15, 2008

Somehow, "cold" just doesn't say enough

Last night, at around 2:30am, the temperature in Denver was -19. Yes, that is correct, negative 19. When I left for work, it was -9. The high today was in the teens, until you factored in the wind chill, of course.

Holy crap, I never thought I could be so cold!!

I'm driving a new (to me) car, courtesy of my sister. It's so much better than my old car, but even this car couldn't get warm enough to melt the ice off the back windshield. The defroster was running, but heck, it's only a machine!

On Saturday, I baked a bunch (all day) with my neighbor. One of my friends came over and delivered a tree that she was giving me. I felt so special that she shared a tree with me, because it came from her yard and was one of about 10 that her dad had planted years ago. Her father passed away quite a while back (years), so it was a truly special gift.

I recently read the first two books in the Twilight series and loved them. I know I'm late to the game in reading these, but I'm glad I'm late. Here's why. I get to read a bunch of books in a row and don't have to wait! The second book I read in 2 evenings. I am on the waitlist at the library for the 3rd.

You might like these books if you love the feeling of being SO in love, like you'll just die if you can't have that person. It's very 15-years-old, but I just DON'T CARE! It's fun to have something young and fun to get me excited.

This Christmas, I'm really only shopping for my son. I decided early that I didn't want to exchange gifts with other people. Mostly because I just don't want to spend all the money and time. I'd rather visit with people and let them relax instead of trying to find some knick knack that I won't want to dust. It's funny how things change as you get older and start accumulating all the stuff you want.

My 'baby' turned 9 years old last week. Wow. It won't be long now. I'll blink and I'll be turning 40 and he'll be turning 18! I guess that's the way it goes. I better try to have more fun, and fast!

I'm looking forward to time off, but really just wish that my son and I both had the flu so we could skip school and work and stay home and cuddle up. Oh well, I better be careful what I wish for!