Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Can't Blog Anymore (set to the tune of Sheryl Crow's "Can't Cry Anymore")

I remember feeling so excited about my blog when I first created it. I rejoiced with each mystery unraveled, figuring out how to manipulate my page. Meeting new people and reading funny stories and seeing fabulous photos just tickled me pink!

But lately, I realize that I haven't been blogging much. Now, when I go home, I hate the sight of my computer. And more than that, I hate the sight of my spouse using our computer(s).

As you might guess from my previous statement, I have had some problems in my household surrounding computers. These problems began long, long ago, but as many problems do, it has stuck around like a bad odor.

I wish that I could say that these problems will be resolved and I'll be back to blogging like normal soon, but I don't think that they will ever really go away.

For those few folks who might still drop by here to say hi and read what's new, feel free to contact me at dawnfrost(at)excite(dot)com and drop a line. I'd love to hear from you! I only check my email about once a week, so give me a little time to respond.

As it stands, I will still be moving to Colorado, right around the end of June. Wish me luck, as it has already been extremely stressful just thinking about it!

I'll still drop by your sites when I can to see what you're all up to and say hi! I just didn't want to leave anyone hanging, without a reason for my absence.


Kristi said...

oh!!! Don't leave us. I understand the computer loathing. I have it too, at times. But I really love your blog, and your insights on my own, and I hope you return at some point, when the time is right for you. Good luck in your move. I'll email you!

ilva said...

oh Dawn c'mon hang on! You can't just leave us and let the computer WIN!!!?? Let's say you take a break and that you are coming back!

vlb5757 said...

Dawn, I am with the others! I think that a break however extended is better than never coming back. So post once a month? Moving can give you new fodder for the blog. Keep in touch with us.

michelle said...

Hi sweetie, I'm with everyone else, but I also understand if you need to go (I remember those computer issues too, when I used to have one at home, and they suck). I hope you can return to blogging at some time in the future too, when you're ready. Feel free to email me with any questions/concerns/info about Colorado, and keep in touch! I'll miss your posts! PS. No matter what, when you get to Boulder, be sure to try out a restaurant called "The Med" - it's AWESOME. And maybe I can visit you/meet you next time I'm home after you're settled in and we can both go! Best to you.

Dawn said...

Hi everyone...thank you for the words of support. It's not that I hate the computer as much as the problems that it has represented in my relationship and the trust issues that it raised.

I will definitely keep in touch with each of you, through your own blogs and through emails. You never know, there may be a chance that I'll come back after the move and start working on my new blog for Colorado. I mean, shoot, I already set up the template and everything a few months back.

I hope that once we move I'll have more time to myself and be able to start feeling good again and start to get past these different things that have been getting me down.

Until then, I'll be checking all of your blogs...so keep on writing and I'll keep coming round.

farmgirl said...

Wishing you happiness, joy, and lots and lots of laughter in everything you do. I am still extremely flattered that you were inspired by me and my life. Best to you, Dawn. Sure hope you'll e-stop by the farm and say hi once in a while. : )

kitchenmage said...

What? You're going away? I've been slacking on my blog reading (and writing) but you can't go away!