Friday, December 22, 2006

Colorado's Blizzard 2006

Here is our photo after it had been snowing all day on Wednesday.

I think we're expecting more in a day or two. It will be a white Christmas this year!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn. I'm sorta snowed in here at 48th & Raleigh. Could walk up to 38th-44th and Tennyson. Heard anything about new bbq called (I think) Boss Hoss? Thanks. Nice pic by the way. Looks just like this house I'm staying at.

Dawn said...

Hi jlee, I haven't heard about that BBQ place. In fact, I'd never even been in your neck of the woods until earlier this week when I stopped in at the Mills.

Well, I hope that you don't get too bored while you're snowed in! We're avoiding going out driving, too.