Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Can't Blog Anymore (set to the tune of Sheryl Crow's "Can't Cry Anymore")

I remember feeling so excited about my blog when I first created it. I rejoiced with each mystery unraveled, figuring out how to manipulate my page. Meeting new people and reading funny stories and seeing fabulous photos just tickled me pink!

But lately, I realize that I haven't been blogging much. Now, when I go home, I hate the sight of my computer. And more than that, I hate the sight of my spouse using our computer(s).

As you might guess from my previous statement, I have had some problems in my household surrounding computers. These problems began long, long ago, but as many problems do, it has stuck around like a bad odor.

I wish that I could say that these problems will be resolved and I'll be back to blogging like normal soon, but I don't think that they will ever really go away.

For those few folks who might still drop by here to say hi and read what's new, feel free to contact me at dawnfrost(at)excite(dot)com and drop a line. I'd love to hear from you! I only check my email about once a week, so give me a little time to respond.

As it stands, I will still be moving to Colorado, right around the end of June. Wish me luck, as it has already been extremely stressful just thinking about it!

I'll still drop by your sites when I can to see what you're all up to and say hi! I just didn't want to leave anyone hanging, without a reason for my absence.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

EWG & Foodnews

I can't remember what I was searching for on Google when I ran across this page, but the important thing is that I found it. It's the EWG, the Environmental Working Group.

This is how they describe themselves:

Our team of scientists, engineers, policy experts, lawyers and computer programmers pores over government data, legal documents, scientific studies and our own laboratory tests to expose threats to your health and the environment, and to find solutions.

Our research brings to light unsettling facts that you have a right to know. It shames and shakes up polluters and their lobbyists. It rattles politicians and shapes policy. It persuades bureaucracies to rethink science and strengthen regulation. It provides practical information you can use to protect your family and community.

I printed off a shopper's guide to pesticides in produce, a little folded card that tells me about those fruits and vegetables that are highest and lowest in pesticides. It tells you when to spend the extra money for organic, and when to save it!

Highest in Pesticides
These 12 popular fresh fruits and vegetables are consistently the most contaminated with pesticides — buy these organic.

• Apples
• Bell Peppers
• Celery
• Cherries
• Grapes (imported)
• Nectarines
• Peaches
• Pears
• Potatoes
• Red Raspberries
• Spinach
• Strawberries

Lowest in Pesticides

These 12 popular fresh fruits and vegetables consistently have the lowest levels of pesticides.

• Asparagus
• Avocados
• Bananas
• Broccoli
• Cauliflower
• Corn (sweet)
• Kiwi
• Mangos
• Onions
• Papaya
• Pineapples
• Peas (sweet)

If you go check out the EWG, you can use the Quick Index to find information easily. If you want information on pesticides in food, you can go to their page, Food News, and see a report card on produce for the best and worst produce choices for pesticides.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Coca-Cola Blak

"Coke effervescence with coffee essence."

Wow. This is quite an idea. I can just imagine a couple of jittering, caffeine-strung out guys sitting at a breakroom table when one of them says, "hey, I know, let's combine two caffeinated drinks!"

Supposedly this item has already started shipping, so I guess I'll keep my eye out for it. Who knows, maybe it'll be good.