Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Fastest Passport Ever

I applied for my passport Friday before last, on May 30th. Eight days later, on Saturday June 7th, I received my passport.

I didn't pay for expedited service, but apparently with travel prices the way they are, I'm the only one who's applying for a passport. It rocked!

When I put in my passport application, it sort of encompassed a lot of my dreams and hopes for my future. The guy at the post office asked me when I needed it by, and I told him that I had no plans for travel.

What I have is dreams of future travel, especially with that special someone. I have hopes for exploring and learning, and seeing and doing. And without that passport, I can't do so many of those things.

So, fate, I am now ready to meet that special someone. I welcome the love that the universe has to give me (god, I sound like I've been living near Boulder too long)...send him my way...preferably in a very nice package!

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psaysofavril said...

Hi Dawn, I recently stumbled upon your blog while looking for macaroni and cheese recipes. I am a freelance writer and I love to cook. I have recently been entering recipe contests. Anyways, I liked your post on your fastest passport ever. I got my passport in 2004 before traveling to Ireland and England. Getting that passport made me feel like I had reached a pivotol moment in my life. It surely was. Traveling over seas changes your perception of the world. It is absolutely life changing. I hope your future travel brings you as much joy, excitement, and even perhaps new love, as it did for me!