Sunday, August 24, 2008

Of all the things to worry about!

I had a dream this week that I was with a man. The dream was going along and was good. That is, until I kissed him.

It was terrible. The kiss was a lot of bumping teeth and lips that didn't connect. It was terrible!

I actually woke the next morning wondering if that's what my next kiss would be like. If I weren't a little nervous about dating before (I was), then I would be after that dream!

What a strange thing to worry about, I think. I guess it's just another way that I'm worried that I am out of practice or somehow not good enough for the ideal man I'm chasing. I know that's silly, but I guess those little insecurities sometimes pop up.

Besides, Mr. Right will fit me just great. I know it!


Ilva said...

sounds normal to me, I know that I would be really nervous about kissing someone new so to speak. At least you dream about it which means that you are open for it! And that's good.

Dawn said...

Yes, that's true, I should look at it that way. My brain is getting ready for the possibility!