Monday, February 22, 2010

Keeping Commitments: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is...

We have all heard it, some story about someone who lost all of the weight they should have because of a wager. Or that they did some other monumentally huge task that they always avoided because someone dared them to.

Whether it's the money, or hating to lose, this type of motivation seems to work well for some people.

Enter, a website where you can make a contract with yourself and put your money where your mouth is. You can involve your family and friends, so they know what you're promising to do.

If you don't fulfill your commitment, you either lose money to a friend/family member or you can choose to lose your money to a charity - but it will be a charity you HATE, because hey, where's the motivation otherwise?

This is a great idea. At first I sort of blew the idea off, but then I realized...for a frugal person like myself, this is ideal. I would hate to lose the money, so I really should use this to make me follow through on some big things.

Like finding a job that makes me excited to head to work. Or being more social so that I have a chance to meet my next great love.

What would you choose to commit to?

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