Monday, July 26, 2010

Fly Fishing Pt. 2

I went out a few weeks ago and tried fly fishing for the first time. I loved it. It was so peaceful and it was as close to meditation as I think I'll ever get. (I'm a think-too-much typical Virgo. All you Virgos out there who can sympathize, can I get a woot?)

If you've never gone fly fishing, here's what it was like. I'm standing in the middle of a beautiful lake. The sun is shining and it's cool, but not too cool. I casting my line. Back and forth. Checking over my shoulder to see what my line is doing. Is it leveling out before I bring it forward again? No? Patience, it is. Ok...where are the fish? Looking, looking. Oooh, a little flip-flop in the water over there tells me where to cast! Cast, pull slowly in. Cast, pull slowly in. How's my back cast?

Rinse, repeat.

So, since I enjoyed the time so much, I decided to get some inexpensive used gear and get back out there. I got my very first fishing rod today! It's used, but a good one. It's a Sage Graphite III 586 (5 weight, 8' 6" long).

Now, I just have to get out there and try some more fishing. Oh yeah, and learn how to tie things on. And probably a million other things. But, here's to hoping I still get to have that simple train of thought each time. When work, school, parenting and dating don't matter and all I'm thinking is - where are the fish?

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