Thursday, July 26, 2007

Crazy Week, Anyone?

When Monday rolled around, I thought that it was just me. I was feeling a little down in the dumps but figured that it was the result of a few small things that were bothering me. Nothing important, but just made me feel "blah."

So, I thought, I need to call a friend and get cheered up by hearing about someone else's good week. So far, this is what my friends have been going through this week.

1. One friend has mono, stress at work, stress with friends and stress from their ex.

One friend got a flat tire on Tuesday and was laid off on Wednesday. They also still haven't found a new place to live and their lease expires tomorrow.

Another friend was feeling so blue that she left work early. Twice. One day, she left at 12:30pm. (Oh the lucky ones who get to work at a family business!)

The first friend I'd called had been dumped at 6am that morning. I called them at 8:30am. No chance they were going to cheer me up.

A family member moved from one state to another and a bunch of her stuff was broken due to poor packaging by the friend she'd hired.

My poor son got scratched in a freak cat-accident at a neighbor's house.

My poor, poor son got debris in his eye while playing with sticks and stuff outside and had to undergo the terrible treatment of an eye washing by evil Nurse Mom.

Whew, am I ready for Friday!

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Nerissa said...

Even when moderately bad things happen on a Friday, it doesn't seem as bad as on any other day of the week.