Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Food Celebrities

Dawn and Alton Brown
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This photo came from earlier this year at the Orange County Fair. It was a hot day (I've decided the two hottest days of the year are the days that my sister decides to have her company picnic on and the day I decide to go the fair). We stood in a very long line for a very long time waiting to get our aprons and cookbooks signed.

When it was my turn at the front of the line, I told AB to sign my apron "to my long lost lover." Boy, you should have seen the look on his face! His reply was, "What?" So, I repeated what I said. Instead, he wrote, Go Cook Something on my apron (along with a signature). He was very funny and took the time to have a photo with every single person who waited in line. And I noticed that when we were leaving (3 hours later), he was still patiently signing books and taking photographs with fans.

So, despite his reluctance to give me a funny quote on my apron, he made me like him even more. And according to him, "W" on his show wouldn't know a thing about cooking if it weren't for what he tells her to say. And his sister...isn't really his sister. It was also very interesting when he described having to move from the kitchen he had used for quite a while (it was in someone's house), and the process they went through to make the new kitchen look like the old one. They built the new kitchen on a set to look exactly like the old one...even down to having canvases hanging outside the windows that look like the old back yard. It's amazing...I'd never known if he didn't tell us!



farmgirl said...

What a fun post. It's amazing what goes on inside that television. Oh my goodness, Dawn, you weren't kidding when you said I inspired you--I was so surprised to read about myself in your profile. I'm supremely flattered, and I wish you the very best with your great new blog!

Gone Shopping said...

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kitchenmage said...

Welcome to blogland. I followed you here from farmgirl's place--fine trail of breadcrumbs you left... :-)

Nice blog so far, I'll have to add yo to my list of places to visit.


cherrybegonia said...

Yup, found you off FG's site. How cool to meet Alton Brown! I'm not a huge fan of his show although he seems smart as heck. Sounds like a nice guy too!

Dawn said...

farmgirl, I can't tell you how much fun I am having! I have even started to think like a blogger (ideas for posts while I'm in the shower, for example). I look forward to this everyday!

gone shopping, thank you for your nice comments! I took a look at your blog...looks like you are just starting out, too?

kitchenmage, thanks for the comments! I am not surprised you found me from farmgirl, I think she has quite a following with her beautiful pictures and funny stories! Hopefully my blog will continue to entertain.