Thursday, September 29, 2005

Too cute to eat (also, it's not food)

Some of my favorite things are useless. Except for the fact that they are cute, they don't really do much. However, I won't let that stop me from loving almost all things miniature or food related items (stickers, erasers, play food, etc.).

Here are a few really cute things that I have seen over the last few months. They are both miniature and food related. Score!

First, take a look at Kooki Sushi. This DOES have a purpose...a very yummy purpose! This is a confection, believe it or not! It has chocolate and gummy parts and who knows what else. I found this at They have other sushi pieces or whole bento boxes to choose from. Even the plate is edible on this mini masterpiece.

Second, I love these very cute felt donuts from They also offer a variety of "flavors" and they are about life size. I thought this one with the nuts was really cute but they also have some that have pink frosting with sprinkles, among others.

And last, but definitely not least, are these SO cute earrings. I think that this website is my favorite!! Amy at offers other items, such as bacon and eggs, toast, chocolates and more. Also, it's neat because you can select exactly what you want for your earrings. You can mix and match a whole chocolate candy with another that has a bite taken out of it! Her items are made from Fimo (or a Fimo-type substance) with sterling hooks, wires, etc.

This just might inspire me to try something never know!


michelle said...

Ha! You just inspired another weakness of mine - buying food related goodies! If you want one more place try over at
from sept 25. Vickie's friends started a business called the decorated chef - her link doesn't work (i'll have to tell her that, but they look fun!). i think I've actually heard of kookie sushi from the food network sometime...cute stuff!

Dawn said...

Michelle, that stuff is cute. I loved the little sterling chef's knife!