Friday, March 31, 2006

Mammoth Trip Photos 2

I don't usually share photos of my son, but here he is (above), looking like a little pro.

This is poblano cornmeal crusted halibut from the Chart House. It was good, but I much preferred the ahi that my hubby ate. Oh well, at least he shared some!

And as promised, this is the aforementioned photo of my husband at snowboarding class. He's the figure second from the left. What did I tell you? It was really coming down!


Kristi said...

Wow! Great pictures. And I am still impressed with all that snow! How about a picture of you in Mammoth?? ;)

Dawn said...

Kristi, there is only one photo of me in Mammoth. And you can't even tell it's me. It was snowing and I'm bundled to the hilt! I guess that's what happens when you're the photographer.