Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dinners, easy as 1, 2, 3!

I love fondue.

I love the idea of this wonderful, interactive food and also love the taste.

However, making fondue sometimes just doesn't seem convenient.

And while there is something to be said about working hard to make a meal and enjoying the fruits of your labor, there is also something to be said about working smart with quick-to-prepare foods that offer less work and great quality.

Usually, quick-to-prepare and great quality don't go hand in hand. But luckily for me and my family, two meals this week fell under this category with much success.

The first, was Voila from Bird's Eye.

Voila comes in the freezer section and is easily and quickly prepared in a skillet.

I tried the Three Cheese Chicken with radiatore pasta, carrots and broccoli. The most important part: my son liked it. The next most important part: my husband and I liked it, too!

The veggies weren't overcooked, the chicken wasn't rubbery or grisly, and the pasta was perfect.

The second meal that I had this week that fell into this category was fondue.

No, you say, fondue that is quick and easy? Yes. It's true.

If you have ever seen this package and wondered if it was any good, here's your answer: YES.

Swiss Knight Fondue is a quality product that is half gruyere and half swiss cheese and tastes so similar to a pot of fondue that I once slaved over that I was shocked the first time I tried it.

I served mine with some kalamata olive bread, some parboiled white potatoes and some blanched broccoli. Dinner with flair in no time flat!

So next time you're looking for a quick meal but don't want to stop at the local burger joint, try some Voila or'll be glad you did!


Michelle said...

I have seen that around and wondered about it! Good to know the opinion of someone I trust. I especially like the idea of EASY fondue! How much was it?

And hey! I have that cheese down there (cotswald) and it's excellent! Congrats on your beautiful crackers - what a cool thing to make!!

Dawn said...

Hi Michelle, the fondue was about $8 at the Albertson's. The Sam's Club used to carry it for about $3 and change...boy I think I'd still have my Sam's Club membership if they still carried it! Too bad.

That cheese was dee-lish! Just my kind of cheese. But I just discovered the charcuterie counter at my Wild Oats and boy...a girl could spend a whole paycheck there!

Caryl said...

Yes, Viola was a staple when my daughter was growing up, and the 3 cheese chicken was our favorite. Now that daughter has moved out, I still buy the stuff. My husband would absolutely freak if i served Fondue for dinner, but will try it when I am with friends.

I really enjoy your site! I'm planning on trying the cheese from the other day too!

Have a great weekend!

Kristi said...

I love, LOVE fondue, but you're right. It has always seemed too time-intensive to make. I'll definitely look for this package in the store.

And my husband is a big fan of Voila! He likes the beef teriakyi the best.

Nerissa said...

My Frog wants to have fondue. This looks fast and easy. I wonder if I could get it in Canada.

Dawn said...

Hi Caryl, I'm so glad that we've tried the Voila. If it weren't on sale, who knows I might not have ever bought it, having been put off by other companies' versions that were not so great! Thanks for coming by and I'm glad that you like the site!

Kristi, I haven't tried the teriyaki yet, but I'll keep my eye out. You should definitely try this product, it is really good! Just heat in a pan and then transfer to a cute fondue pan and nobody will be the wiser!

Nerissa, I would think that you could get this in Canada. I think that it's actually imported to the US from another country, so it wouldn't surprise me if they have it up there, too. Let me know if you find it!