Friday, August 04, 2006

Eldorado Springs

On Thursday, we went down and checked out Eldorado Springs, about 20 minutes southwest from where we are.

It is a beautiful canyon between rocky outcroppings of mountain, which you are very likely to see daring climbers ascending high above you.

Eldorado Springs Aug 06

There is a freezing cold river that you absolutely have to walk into (don't ask why, it's a river, do you need another reason?) and hunt for unique, sparkly and colorful rocks.

Eldorado Springs 2 Aug 06

There are trails that head off in different directions, including one which is wheelchair accessible.

I saw a group of four young climbers in the middle of a climbing lesson with their instructors helping them into harnesses. I saw a small Asian family grilling some little foil packages over some very fragrant wood charcoal.

I saw lots of flowers and a few bugs. Here is one very cool bug:

Eldorado Springs 3 Aug 06

Some lovely purple flowers:

Eldorado Springs 4 Aug 06

Some chokeberries (no, actually, they won't make you choke):

Eldorado Springs 5 Aug 06

It was a fun day and a beautiful place. We got out just before it started pouring, too!


Kristi said...

Wow. What a beautiful place, and such gorgeous pictures. We have nothing that beautiful in my part of the country.

Dawn said...

It was beautiful Kristi. Maybe some day you can come visit out this direction!

Everyday Flowers Tustin said...

Okay nwI m jealous. So is their any flower shops for sale? Miss you guys out here