Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ammonia, Bleach and Baking Soda. Oh My!

I feel like I've been breathing bleach, ammonia and baking soda for the last few days! I've been helping a friend move and clean her apartments for four of the last five days. Whew! It makes you want to never move again! Or clean again, for that matter.

Unfortunately, that won't be the case for us! We feel like it's only a matter of time before our new management at our apartments discovers that we are paying month-to-month and tries to stick us with a new lease...at $250 more a month! That's what we've been hearing from our neighbors, so we are bracing ourselves for a move in our not-too-distant future.

We are also anticipating some other large changes in our personal lives, namely that my husband and I have decided to get divorced.

It's for a lot of reasons. And it's something that we've been building towards practically from the start of our relationship. I think that the biggest thing is that I got married too young. I didn't really know who I was and by the time I knew, I realized that I had a lot of issues with my husband. He's a good person and a good father, so I don't want anyone to think that he's a bad guy. We just didn't end up being a good fit, is all.

It's been a little rough trying to figure out what to do and when in the whole divorce process, but I think that so far it's going ok.

And I'm looking forward to living alone for the first time in my life. Well, except for when my son is with me and of course, I'll have a cat. So, somewhat alone, but still it will be a big change.

So, I think it will be a good change ultimately. So no need to tell me you're sorry for me. (Which, I don't think that people can help!) Caryl, nice to hear from you again, what's new in your neck of the woods?


Caryl said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your divorce, but you only have one chance to be happy in life, so you go for it girl! No wonder you didn't post for the longest time. If you need someone to talk to, my email address is clgordie@yahoo.com. How is your son handling the news? He probably was not surprised, kids have a second sense about these types of things. I know that I am thousands of miles away, but if you need anything, I'm an email away. Take time to pamper yourself and decisions don't need to be made on the spot - contrary to what lawyers, especially your ex's, say. I'll be sending all my positive energy your way.



Kristi said...

Oh Dawn, this sucks. I won't say I'm sorry, even though I am, since it sounds like you're doing okay with things. But, like Caryl, who, by the way, is an amazing person and an awesome listener, I'm here for you too. You have my email address, so please write me at any time.

Thinking of you...

Dawn said...

Thanks Caryl and Kristi, sorry I've been such a stranger lately. Seems like I've got a lot to deal with here, and I'm sure it'll all calm down later in the year.