Friday, April 20, 2007

April 20, 2007

Today was an uneventful, yet busy, day.

My son was off from school for a professional development day, so we planned on goofing off.

We started our morning with cinnamon sugar cake doughnuts at the Marketplace Bakery. A couple of my old people were there and we enjoyed stories of camping in the snow as youngsters and some bridge talk. When I say bridge, I mean the type that goes over the water or a chasm. I never knew it but there are some that cantilever to the sides versus drawing up to allow passing boats by.

After some playing back at home, we headed over to the Jamba Juice and redeemed a coupon they'd mailed to us. We enjoyed a pomegranate smoothie and then checked out the bocce ball sets at the Sports Authority. I thought one set might be okay, but it cost $79.99, and I thought, hell, I better be sure it's okay! So we went over to Dick's at the mall and looked at their sets. They had a nice resin set but the case was busted on the bottom. And for $79.99, regardless of the 10% discount, that was no deal. Bocce balls weigh a ton and you must have a carrying case.

On the way back home, we stopped at the Target and found a nice compromise. An inexpensive set that was slightly smaller and had a simple carrying case. Since we're completely new to the sport, the $27.00 sale price was perfect.

By 5:00pm, we were in the park at the bocce courts. The weather stayed slightly warm and we played without jackets, enjoying the simple thrills that the game offered.

Dinner at home was a new recipe: basil cream chicken. It was dee-lish!

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I hope, I hope!

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