Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dating after marriage

What a strange new territory. I never really thought about dating again until recently. After going to court and turning in the proper paperwork to get my divorce moving, it starts to seem more like a real possibility.

The problem? The last time I dated, I thought this: dating sucks.

Sure, it's fun, having those first excited feelings when you meet someone new, but after a few go-rounds with some...*a-hem*...losers, the appeal of dating now seems even less thrilling than when I was younger and could still qualify as somebody's "trophy wife."

These days, I'm nobody's "trophy" (of course referring strictly to looks). I'm a mom and I'm almost 30. And, I look about right for those circumstances, perhaps better than some. But it's not my looks (or theirs) that concerns me.

I think about how long it really takes to get to know someone. And to trust them. I have a difficult enough time just making good friends, let alone trying to find someone good enough to share my life and my bed with.

I guess I can try to forget about dating and focus on trying to fulfill all of my dreams for myself. And maybe if Mr. Right happens along at the right moment, I'll notice him. In the meanwhile, I think I need to make sure to avoid all the Mr. Wrongs that apparently think that physical attraction is the main basis for all good relationships.


Ilva said...

oh Dawn, I'm sorry to hear this, I completely missed that you have divorced.

Dawn said...

Ilva, I'm still in the process of getting divorced. I have just started to think about practical things, like dating, again. I can't say that I'm looking forward to it!