Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Okay, since I'm going through a divorce, there are many things that I get annoyed at, as you might imagine.

I get annoyed at the thought of all the stuff that's been bothering me for years, the things that led me to get divorced and the fact that my husband still doesn't get it. He doesn't understand that while trust issues are at the heart of many of our problems, the other "little things" are probably worse.

How would you feel if:

You were sick enough to call in to work and stay home, but your spouse didn't ask you how you felt, if you wanted a drink or some medicine from the store, or left your child at home for you to care for them while you're sleeping...because you're SICK?!

You agree to become the partner that works while your spouse stays at home to raise the child for a while...and they promise that they'll do this job well (you explain that they need to do all the stuff you do) and then, they never dust, vacuum once every couple of weeks, usually didn't make dinner and also didn't bother doing a good job folding your laundry. Not to mention that they took plenty of time to go have coffee with friends at the Starbucks all the time.

Whenever your family or friends came over, all of sudden your spouse becomes Mr. Congeniality. Offering to get everyone drinks, food, being in general charming, friendly and smiling, while during the rest of your life, he's nothing like that.

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