Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Time > Money

After I finished school at the end of 2013, I started binge watching television. I realized that hanging out with with friends, watching TV, traveling, or exercising all required the one luxury that I was lacking for years: time. Now, when I do any of those things, I really appreciate that I am experiencing something valuable.

A bunch of the great places that I have traveled to since I finished school (and quit my job):
St. Maarten
St. Barths
Las Vegas
New Orleans
San Francisco
Peru (Lima and Machu Picchu)
Los Angeles
Colorado (Great Sand Dunes, Pagosa Springs, Telluride, Mesa Verde)
West Virginia (whitewater rafting)
Washington, DC

Some of the television I've watched:
Ripper Street
Call the Housewife
Game of Thrones
Orange is the New Black
The Blacklist
Witches of East End

A few thoughts on those two lists. Travel continues to be one of the best things in life I've ever known. Traveling with the man I love makes it even better. Delicious food and beaches with warm water are usually tops on my list, but trying new things and experiencing radically different cultures are neck and neck with those.

Television is amazingly good right now. Actors are top quality and stories range widely. I often enjoy British programming, something I attribute to the fine acting and dry humor. Seems like I'll never run out of shows to watch; since I'm so far behind, I have years of shows to binge watch when I'm in the mood. Also, Netflix and other streaming options rock! Oh, and as someone who hasn't subscribed to cable in a very long time, it's amazing how much T&A is on HBO, Showtime, and the like. I'm open minded, so I don't mean that this is bad...just surprising after only watching network television.

I have big dreams for my future travels and life experiences, and for the first time I can see all of my years ahead of me. They are whispery, gray shapes that form and flow and reform, but I can see the constant threads that stretch from now until the end of my days. I feel content and excited about the adventures to come.

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