Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Culinary Confessions

This blog idea was found with Ilva...who in turn found it on Cooking with Amy, who states that she "brazenly bloglifted" it from David Lebowitz. I find myself wondering if he snatched it from somewhere else, too.

My confessions:

I regularly cook "in a box" items: pastas with sauce, rice-a-roni, etc. (in my own defense, I work full time, often while taking college classes, and I have a 5-year-old)

I don't like a ton of sweets. Not that I don't like them, but I don't often crave them.

I wash my mushrooms in running water.

I sometimes judge a person by what they eat.

I am very leery of any food that might be 'old.' As a result, I don't eat many leftovers and am extremely cautious with milk, cream, sour cream and cheese.

I have a bunch of cans of tuna and tomato paste that have just been sitting there. For quite a while.

I really dislike meringue.

I really, REALLY dislike salmon. Yecch.

I don't like to eat caviar, no matter how expensive, because I just don't think it's that good.

I have spices in my cupboard that are more than 6 years old. *sheepishly grins*

I have whisks, pots, pans, colanders, silverware and who knows what else that need to be thrown away and replaced, but I can't bring myself to spend the money.

I have thrown away a dish, in the middle of preparing it, after several things have gone wrong and frustration took over.

My food has to be piping hot. Even if I have to microwave it.

My kitchenaid mixer is stored under my sink.

I get one appliance/gadget/tool obsession after another.

I used to want to collect cookbooks. I recently gave away almost all that I had.


I collect Boxtops for Education from my cans and boxes.

We don't recycle.

These are my confessions, to name a few. Now it's your turn to confess!


lisaSD said...

Well, I like most of my food at *just* warmer than room temp...but I do understand the need to weed out the cookbooks...I often sell them on amazon marketplace (and buy a bunch there too).

Ilva said...

Now I know you a bit better Dawn! I really like this I confess meme, it shows how human we all are!

Dawn said...

lisasd, I am tempted often to buy cookbooks, but I find that I don't cook from them that often. If I can find a better recipe online, I usually go that route. The few exceptions are the types of food that I have been unable to find good recipes for, mainly asian foods.

I like these too. It's funny to hear what comes out!

michelle said...

Hilarious! I won't admit how many of those apply to my life, but let me just say quite a few! I'll have to follow suite...

Carolyn said...

I also judge people by what they eat.
I buy cookbooks and never use them.
I put garlic in everything.
I like to cook, but dislike baking.
I chop gratuitously just because I love my knives.

Anonymous said...

I so have to do this meme... LOL

kitchenmage said...

(ummm, why am i anon?) oh well, tht ws me...and now i can laugh at *my* double posts! geez!

Punky said...

I feel like I know you already. I have many fo the same confessions as you do. I really like your blog, I will have to check in more often.