Thursday, November 10, 2005


Succulent 1

Succulent 2

I got these beautiful little plants from a house in a nearby neighborhood. The house had recently been sold, and the two sons of the woman who had lived there were cleaning it out. I didn't ask, but I am pretty sure that she died. She was really interested in succulents and cacti, and I was lucky enough to snag 11 of these little potted beaut's. They all have different textures and they are mainly all green. They are a low maintenance plant (oh, my favorite kind!).


Kristi said...

Ohh... pretty. Low maintenance= good in my book. That's why I have so few plants, and all the ones I do have don't require a whole lot of TLC.

boo_licious said...

pretty plants and yup, low maintenance is the best!

we have a special WCB for Clare and Kiri this weekend. Do join us, details are in Farmgirl's link and my site:

Dawn said...

kristi, same here. I usually do try my hand at a few food plants every year, and it is only the thought of the reward that gets me through it!

boo_licious...thanks for the head's up about the WCB...I will definitely post. Just have to figure out a nice theme.

michelle said...

Great photos, and a great snag on the plants - you find so many great things from your neighbors! I love the tuna casserole quote as well, it's perfect! Oh! And I'm totally up for a cookie exchange!

vlb5757 said...

Dawn, send me an E mail. I want to ask you about something that you talked about in the past and I think I would like to try.

lisaSD said...

I was just admiring some succulents at the farmers market this morning. They are lovely!