Saturday, November 05, 2005

Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkins 05
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Well, I am quite a bit late...but you know what they say. I have to hand it to my husband and son this year. They had to single-handedly take over the Halloween spirit. I apparently have been affected by the time change this year more than years past. I kept falling asleep directly after dinner as the sun was setting for a while last week. I think that I've finally adjusted! Anyway, they did an excellent job with the pumpkins this year. Very spooky! The skull had an awesome stem and vine still attached, all dried out and overhanging it.


ilva said...

Dawn, they are beautiful, I'm amazed of the skill people have in carving pumpkins!

vlb5757 said...

Dawn, I am with you. I just can't seem to get this time change thing right. My body is pooped out about 8 which is really 9 and I feel horrible for going to bed at 8. I am gaining weight and it's because all I want to do is sleep. I would make a really good bear at this point!

Dawn said...

Ilva, yes they are nice, aren't they? My hubby gets all of the credit! said it. I have definitely been feeling a little more 'round' than normal lately! I hope that my guilt will make me exercise more :-)

Kristi said...

These are awesome! I took pictures of mine as well, and I'll post them once I get my film developed, along with the pics from the meme you tagged me for.