Thursday, October 26, 2006

Good Food Hunting

I think that I have good taste.

I like my taste in food, interior design and architecture and clothing. I should; after all, they are my tastes.

I can't always afford to buy the best, but I feel happy at being able to recognize it when I see it (or eat it).

But lately, my passion for enjoying a simply delicious meal seems to be a bad thing.

I'm not one of those people who can walk into an Applebee's and declare that their food is wonderful. (Sorry, but I was conscious when I ate there...and to be fair, it wasn't just wasn't that good.)

See, if I could truly enjoy a meal from McDonald's, then I'd probably be as happy as a clam.

But as it is, I've tried two Mexican restaurants, multiple chain restaurants and a few fast food restaurants and find myself wondering: where is all the good food in Louisville, CO?

And to make matters worse, if you ask a few different people their opinion on a particular restaurant, you're likely to get responses that range from, so-so to great to absolutely hated it.

I'm looking for mostly affordable, but absolutely delicious, makes-you-wish-you-could-eat-more food.

Anybody have any recommendations?


Stephanie said...

Go to Boulder or Denver and eat there! :-) I'm just joking. There is a place in Denver I want to try but it's expensive!!

Dawn said...

We had fun during your visit! I'm sure *certain* people in the family are already looking forward to your next visit!

Stephanie said...

Who? You? :-)

I can't wait to come back out!