Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Our first snow!

We had our first snow day here in Louisville today. It is still snowing, in fact. It started sometime around 9:30 this morning and hasn't stopped all day. Most of it simply melted when it hit the ground, but then after 3pm, it started to actually look like snow on the grass, roofs, etc.

It is so nice to have some variation to the weather. After years of living in almost perfect weather in Southern California, the change is welcome. I have been purchasing scarves and shopping for new mittens. I served my son and his playmate hot chocolate this afternoon. My hot coffee in the morning seems too good to be true.

Granted, I'll need to shop for new socks, add a blanket to the bed, get the worn out tires replaced and god knows what else...but somehow, that's okay.

Here is a photo of an abandoned stool that I rescued and reupholstered.

Here is a photo of a bag that I made using fabric sample books. (Front and Back)

Here is a photo of the view from my apartment this evening.


Stephanie said...

Super cute! I love that bag and that snow is crazy. Am I really coming to visit you in just two weeks? Wow!! That bench looks good too! You're becoming quite crafty.

Caryl said...

Glad you are back!!! I agree with Stephanie - bag is very cute!!! I'm gald I moved to Charlotte, NC because the snow would make me vey depressed - keep crafting!!!

Dawn said...

Hi Steph, yes, we actually got a little more snow since then, but overall the weather's been lovely!

Caryl, thank you! I was so proud of the bag, but hopefully my next one will be even better.