Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Here is my little guy, all geared up and ready to go!

This is a completely homemade costume. Just a cardboard box and lots of styrofoam. I used craft glue and some masking tape, too.

Just a note, if you attempt to make any costume using styrofoam, be sure to only use latex (water-based) paints or, if you plan on spray painting, be sure to "seal" the styrofoam with some masking tape. I believe that all spray paints will "melt" the styrofoam on contact.


Caryl said...

That is the cutest costume I have seen yet! You are so talented - have you thought about going public?

Cate said...

So cute!

Dawn said...

Hey Caryl, thanks for the compliment! It took a lot of work (and worrying) to see if it would turn out. If I could find a good way of making money at what I'm doing, then that would be great. I have to balance a lot in my life, so it's hard to imagine crafting enough to make much money, but I guess it's possible!

Hi Cate, thank you!