Saturday, July 08, 2006

Boulder Famer's Market

It was raining all morning. There was enough rain for umbrellas, but it didn't stop the folks from coming out for the fresh veggies, fruits, honey, cheese, honey wine, and flowers.

This farmer's market is completely outdoors and goes on every Wednesday and Saturday in downtown Boulder, CO. The colors and smells are fabulous.

Golden Beets

Chiogga Beets and Red Beets

Green Onions

Fresh Bread Stand


Nerissa said...

I'm so very terribly jealous. But hopefully I'll see some markets like this in Europe in a few days

Dawn said...

I hope that you will. It really is an all-around experience to be had. We were lucky enough to hear the sounds and smells the scents from a Tibetan festival that was also happening yesterday. I ate some lovely dumplings and had some salad which had a ton of black pepper on it, but was yummy!

vlb5757 said...

Geez, I love that farmer's market. Ours is up and running here but I have not had a weekend that I could go over there and wander around. I need to be a more faithful farmer's market person!