Saturday, July 08, 2006

I knew you weren't from around here...

Sometimes I feel like I am wearing a sign around my neck that says: kick me; I'm from California.

A serious influx of Californians to Colorado (and the attitudes and higher real estate prices that have come along with them) have created a "special" attitude towards them. Namely, they aren't liked.

Not that anyone would be rude to you, but you might notice a little more aggressiveness on the roads as you display your California plates.

And sometimes, when you're not even in your car, people still somehow know that you're not from here.

My neighbor Deanne knew that I wasn't from Colorado in an instant. "It's the club on your car," she claimed that gave me away. Apparently, car theft is not a problem here, so I stick out like a sore thumb with that on my vehicle. But, when she asked me a couple of days later if I gave up on it yet, I said, no...I'll keep my club, thanks. At least for a while. You see, that car was stolen once before, and like they say, once bitten, twice shy.

Which brings me to something that another Coloradoan said to me earlier this week. He said that it takes Californians about 10 years to calm down once they get here. It gave me a laugh, but I think that he was mostly serious.

I guess we'll see how long it takes. And all kidding aside, the people here really are friendly and nice, even to Californians.


Stephanie said...

That is funny. Look, I live in Los Angeles, and I always thought the club was a little much! :-) So I have no doubt that the Coloradoans would feel that way!

vlb5757 said...

Dawn, Melissa told me that you had your blog up and running again. I am so happy that you are back. I will add you to my sidebar again and mark your site to my favorites list. I am so happy to see that you survived the move and lived to tell about it! I have moved every four year almost my entire life. We have finally slowed down here for 13 years. I am already getting itchy to move back to Texas closer to my aging mother and new nephew. I really do look forward to your posts! Welcome back sweetie!

Dawn said...

Ok, ok, enough about the club... maybe we will get over our phobia one day. I'm ready already, but hubby's got a ways to go! (I will never forget how he refused to believe that the car had been stolen and kept circling the parking lot while I called the local PD!)

Hi Vicki! I am glad to be back, and I will have to come around and catch up with everyone again. First, I need to find my hubby a job so that we can pay our rent and I have more than 20 minutes alone!