Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mattresses, bed...ugh!

Since I got to Colorado, three weeks ago tomorrow, we have been shopping for a bed. We didn't bring our old bed with us because it just wasn't it good shape, and planned on purchasing a bed right when we got here.

Well, we managed to purchase a bed. But then, we returned it. And ever since, we've been looking again. And of course, we're out about $300 for pillows and stuff that we had to purchase as well as the nonrefundable delivery fees.

First of all, we returned the last bed because the delivery people damaged it during delivery. It had high and low spots and the side was bowing out. It was a pocket-coil type bed, so I guess you have to be especially careful when you move those.

We were afraid that it'd be too easy to damage a new one, even the next time we moved it, so we flat-out returned it.

So. Back to the floor. I've only had one day of excruciating pain (in my shoulder) as a result, so I guess that I must be getting more used to it.

I say more because I woke up this morning with tingling feet.

The first thing on my agenda today is to go to yet another mattress store. Don't ask how many we've been to. Suffice it to say that we've been to every mattress chain except one.

Wish me luck!!! I need it!

And as far as a bed goes (the headboard, footboard, etc.), we couldn't agree on any style any time we've ever been in a store, except one. And this store is the store. It is all Amish furniture from Ohio and all handcrafted (without machines). It's the most amazing, beautiful, top-quality furniture that we've seen.

Too bad a bedroom set only costs about $3600 (on the very cheap end) up to about $6000 for some of the other sets! When we finally agree on the furniture, the only thing we know for sure is that we can't afford it.

My husband would like to just buy, charge, and pay later, but I think that I'll just let my practical side save us from that tragedy.

(for this next section, think Batman)
Will Craiglist save the dynamic duo from this neverending bed-buying torture? Tune in next week (no, not really, maybe tomorrow...besides, if I find a bed, I'll be so estatic that I'll be blogging ASAP) to find out!


vlb5757 said...

Dawn, we have a Sleep Comfort bed and we love it, but we have no headboard or footboard so every time we move on it, it scoots. Drive me nuts always adjusting the mattress. I am about at my wit's end about this! So I feel your pain. Charging is the easy way out, but that pain in your shoulder might be worth charging a bed? I see no headboard or footboard in site but I have where's that Visa card?? lol!

Kristi said...

We just bought a new bed last week (a king, up from a queen). It has a foam mattress, and we love it. Good luck. I know how painful the process can be, and of course, how expensive.

Would you consider one of those "no interest until 2007" deals, where you make a minimum payment each month?

Michelle said...

I wish I had some stellar advice to share with you, but I've never had anything more than a hand-me-down bed that sucks my whole life! Best of luck to you in finding what you want...but boy do those amish beds sound nice!