Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Casseroles, casseroles everywhere, and not a bite to eat!

I admit that I've been making too many casseroles lately. But, darn it, they are easy!

This week we've had

1. elbow macaroni and cheeses with chicken and vegetables


2. ziti casserole with three cheeses and italian sauasage meatballs

Both were delicious, but now I've decided that I need to get back to eating real meals; meals where the entree and side dishes exist separately in time and space.

The trick is finding easy, fast, healthy, and inexpensive meals of that variety. I'll post recipes as soon as I figure them out!


Kristi said...

mmm... that first one sounds delicious! I really should live in the South, because I love macaroni and cheese so much!

Dawn said...

You should! The best mac and cheese I ever had was made by my granny in Florida. She did everything from scratch. Fried chicken, biscuits, cobblers, gumbo, and of course, macaroni and cheese.