Thursday, November 30, 2006

Trip to the Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

Here is a lovely photo from one area in the Garden of the Gods. It is a place of stunning beauty and history.

And here is a photo of some mule deer that I caught while we were hiking. I think they are about as tall as me (around 5' 7")! (Click on the photo to enlarge, so you can really see the deer.)


Chad said...

Garden of the Gods is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Thanks for the pics.

Kristi said...

Wow. Beautiful! You live in such a gorgeous place.

Dawn said...

Hi Kristi, it is pretty here. I definitely have to give you that!

Nerissa said...

Looks like a really cool place to which one could go!

Isn't that a funny thing how things of nature are so much bigger than we expect them to be. Modern life, separated from nature, has probably created that to a lot of us. I know it has done that to me. Whales are WAY bigger in real life than on a tv screen LOL. Stinkier too *G*