Monday, November 13, 2006

The Power of Two

Some people have all the motivation that they need built in.

They get up, exercise five days a week, organize their closet and garage on the weekend and still manage to learn that new hobby they are interested in.

I envy them. For myself, I don't have that built-in fire under my tush.

But like a snowball, I gather speed and mass under the right conditions. Namely, when I am around those who share my interests.

Thank goodness for me that I found someone who shares many of my own interests. My friend and I are tuning in to the same wavelength it seems.

We both want to learn American Sign Language. We both want to learn a foreign language as well. We agree that Spanish is the most practical, but that we'd like something more exotic, just for fun. We'll see if practicality wins out!

What new thing will you be learning during the next year because of the inspiration of friendship?


Kristi said...

Great question. There are so many new things I want to learn, and so little time (especially now) to try them. I have a friend who is really into cooking (and is a Pampered Chef consultant) so she's inspiring me to cook more, rather than just bake. So I hope that next year, I can learn to be more adventurous in the kitchen.

Kristi said...

PS: I really want to learn to make Isabella's baby food. Did you ever try and make your son's food when he was little?

Dawn said...

Hi Kristi, I did try but usually only for things that tasted terrible when you bought them as baby food. The meats were particularly bad, so I bought nitrate free ham and went to work at the blender. It was better than the jar stuff, but still wasn't the biggest hit. To be honest, as soon as my son could grab for my dinner plate, he began eating some solid foods. Which was awesome. He basically went from breast to plate without too much baby food.