Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving went well this year.

Our Menu:

Green olives
Cabot sharp aged cheddar cheese with Nonni's Panetoni crackers
Veggie crudites with ranch dip
Hot wings with dip

Main course:
Salad with cranberries, feta and nuts
Honeybaked ham
Mashed potatoes with poultry gravy
Sausage, apple and dried cranberry stuffing
Green bean casserole (my favorite thing, I think; it's a Paula Deen recipe)

Sweet Potato Pie (my favorite of the two pies)
Apple Crumble Pie
Vanilla Ice Cream

Lucien Albrecht Rose Champagne from Alsace
Two Rivers Riesling

I hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving!


Caryl said...


Everything looks and sounds wonderful! Could you please post the Green Bean Casserole recipe?

The apple pie looks delicious - I have looked at it on and off all day :-)


Melissa CookingDiva said...

Ohh! everything looks delicious! Happy Thanksgiving from Panama...and a big hug! Are you planning to do the -cookie exchange- this year? please keep me posted...

Dawn said...

Caryl, thank you! I have posted the recipe. I hope that you try it and tell me what you think! I thought that the apple pie looked really pretty, but that the sweet potato pie really brought the flavor!

Melissa, I wouldn't mind joining in on a cookie exchange, but since I haven't been the most active blogger this year, I think that another site might be better to host it...just to get the most entries. If you host, I'll definitely participate. Although my next big baking venture will most likely be a black forest cake. We'll see!