Friday, December 02, 2005

Holiday Cookie Exchange #1 - Join In!

Welcome to Holiday Cookie Exchange #1!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, or another holiday, there is sure to be a place for cookies!

Please join in today (and I will keep updating the post through the weekend, so late joiners, feel free to jump in anytime) and for the next two Fridays as we bake, eat and share our favorite cookies.

Simply post your cookie entry on your blog and come back here and enter a comment with the permalink. I'll add listings periodically so you can check out the great recipes with a simple *click*!

Gingerbread Cookies
Here is my first attempt ever at making gingerbread. I tried this recipe out around Halloween, but got so frustrated with the quickly softening dough's tendency to stick that I rolled up the dough and tossed it in the freezer. Here is the recipe for Gingerbread Skeletons from Baking Sheet. The original recipe is from Epicurious. They were so cute as skeletons, but somehow, it just wasn't appropriate for Christmas!

Here are a few tips I learned along the way for using gingerbread dough:
1. It freezes very well. Just move to the refrigerator the night before you plan to use it.
2. It makes a very sturdy dough - don't overcook them unless you are making gingerbread bricks. Mmmm - bricks - yum.
3. To avoid sticking dough, put down wax paper, then sprinkle it with flour, you can roll/cut your dough on it and then, simply slide the cookies off the paper (be sure to use enough won't show, it will be on the bottom). If you have to, you can flip the paper over and catch the cookie in your hand and place on a cookie sheet.
4. If you get excess flour on your lovely brown cookies, it will either absorb while baking or still be there after you've pulled them out of the oven. If you can still see flour, use a pastry brush and lightly brush it off after the cookies have cooled.
5. The dough makes wonderful sliced cookies. I sliced and then rolled slightly to get a consistent thickness.
6. Don't eat them plain. You should definitely ice these cookies because you need some sweet to balance out the complex ginger taste.

Here is where you'll find the links to everyone else's goodies! Check them might find a new favorite!

So far these are looking very yummy!!!

Check out the Earl Grey Tea Cookies that Michelle made at The Accidental Scientist!

Melissa at The Panama Gourmet is going to add her post (hopefully tomorrow), but she ran into a little trouble...good luck and we'll wait for you!

Vickie at The Moveable Feast made this very cute Christmas Tree Cookie Tower!

Mebeth at Hold the Raisins contributed some delicious looking chocolate chip cookies...always a staple at my house!

Good job everyone...let's see what we try next week! I'll keep adding any new posts over the weekend.

PS...Vickie at The Moveable Feast sent me a package - you don't even know how excited I was to see it...I'll post pics and info after I get into it! I can't wait!


Melissa CookingDiva said...

Your cookies look beautiful! Will send you the link to my post soon :)

ilva said...

Dawn-I'm so sorry, I completely fuddled up what day it is today! Next week, I promise I will participate!!

michelle said...

Hi Dawn! Your gingerbread cookies are adoreable! I love the icing designs - you're very artistic! Here's the permalink to my entry for the Cookie Exchange - Earl Grey Tea Cookies:

rokh said...

i'll be joining in the fun. do wait for my entry.

Melissa CookingDiva said...

I had a little problem today:
Willtry to post tomorrow.

MeBeth said...

Here are some super-powered chocolate chip cookies

vlb5757 said...

Dawn, I am still decorating my cookies and as soon as I get done I will have you link my cookies. I spent most of the day yesterday working on this project and as soon as I post it you will see why!

The Gingerbread cookies are so cute. I thought about doing them but I would eat them as soon as I got them baked then have nothing for the blog. I am a cookie nut!

vlb5757 said...

Okay, I am finally done making a mess!

vlb5757 said...

Dawn, did you get the box already? There's not a lot in the box but just a few little things since you were so nice to send me a birthday card. There is a box going to Melissa in Panama and one to Michelle, of course. All three of you are really special so you deserve a little treat.

Dawn said...

Vickie, you are so sweet! I think that I definitely need to get Michelle's address, too, because I'd love to send you guys a little something fun for Christmas!

Come see my page on Monday because I'll be putting a little *thank you* up for the box! Everything looked good and smelled great! Can't wait to give your package a proper reception here!

Michelle, if you're reading this, drop me a line with an address:

Thanks again to everyone who participated!!! Ilva, I'll keep my eye out for you next week.

rokh, I'll check back in the morning for your entry...if not this week, save it for next Friday!

Melissa, good luck with your little problem...I don't envy you, we've had a total ant invasion here at our apartment before.'s the worst!

Clare Eats said...

I am making my biccies tomorrow so I will try and get the pics up ASAP....

Dawn said...

Clare, I'll be hosting this again this Friday/weekend, so I'll add it to the post on Friday and that way everyone will see it with the new listings...don't want yours to be overlooked! Glad you are participating!!

Nerissa said...

Hi dawn,

I love the pictures of your gingerbread cookies. I just love to EAT gingerbread so I should learn to make them too, eh?

Here are two cookies (peanut butter balls; butter tarts) from my blog to add to your HCE#1