Thursday, December 15, 2005

Reminder: Final Weekend of the Holiday Cookie Exchange and QOD #11

Let's fire up those ovens one more time!

Starting tomorrow and going on all weekend, I'll be hosting the final installment of HCE #1!

If you need a little motivation, here it is: show us something simple.

Show us your no-fail, four-ingredient, everyone-thinks-they're-so-hard-to-make cookies! Show us how you turn that tube of cookie dough from the refrigerated section of your grocery store into "homemade" greatness (hey, you baked it at home, right?)!

And remember:

Foodie QOD #11

An empty belly is the best cook.
-Estonian Proverb


BNA said...

heya! here's my offering -- a little early, but I wanted to be sure to make this one!

Kristi said...

Here's mine. Thanks again for organizing this. It helped me out in a huge way this week, because I thought to myself "Hey-making cookies takes a lot of time and will keep me occupied for hours. AND I can participate in Dawn's HCE again!"