Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Vegas...the highlights...vol. 1

We returned last Saturday evening from Las Vegas, tired from the drive and looking forward to the comforts of home. And if you listened to me talk about my trip once I came back, you might think that we didn't have a good time.

That is mostly because I was so smoked-out from the casinos and tired of the dirty slums that lie just beyond the strip. But those complaints certainly are not what I hope to remember in the long run.

Truth is, Vegas offers a lot of attractions that are the stuff that memories are made of.

My very favorite thing we saw was the lion display at the MGM Grand. I love animals, and these guys looked like big kittens to me! They were so youthful, playing with the balls in the enclosure. There were 4 people in the display with them, to my surprise. The two women interacted with the animals and the two men simply stayed back. I think that the male lions liked the women better.

When we walked back past the display later, we found that it was cat-nap time! This answered my question about whether or not the trainers could touch the lions.

She was laying down with the lion, spooning. After she scratched him on the neck a little, he rolled over and was facing her. His rear paws rested on her hip. All three of the lions were sleeping at the same time, which was no big surprise since the sign on the cage said they usually sleep 18-20 hours a day.

I don't normally share pictures of my family, but I thought everyone'd get a kick out of this shot of my husband and son at the M&M store.


vlb5757 said...

If can stop laughing long enough I will tell you that the family portrait is the cutest I have ever seen on a blog or pretty much anywhere. I am going to Vegas on business in Feb of '06 and we have reservations at Mesa. I have eaten at Mesa in NYC but wanted to try the Vegas one just to see if there is any difference. I want to see more about where you ate! Give me MORE! lol!

Dawn said...

Vickie, I'm afraid this was a sad, sad trip for a foodie. Not having a large budget, we only really ate one good meal, and that was at Austin's Steakhouse in Texas Station Casino (not on the strip). If I'd had the money, we'd been at Nobu's, Delmonico's, and definitely Mesa. The rest of our meals in Las Vegas were some of the worst that I've had in a while. I'll talk about that more Thursday. Glad you liked the family portrait!

michelle said...

CUTE kitties!! I can't believe the trainers can just lay with 'wild' animals like that - it's amazing! I have a love-hate relationship with Vegas...it really has so much to offer by way of food and attractions and I love it for the first day or so I'm there, but then the smoke and casino noise and constant clinging and clanking start to get to me - it really is a city that never sleeps! I'm glad you had a good time though!

Kristi said...

Sounds like you had a blast. I love that photo of your husband and son. Very cute! Never been to Vegas, but will probably make it out there one of these days. I've heard it described as "Disneyland for adults." Is that true?

Dawn said...

It's definitely for adults. They were pushing the whole family thing for a while, but apparently have dropped the facade when they decided it didn't make enough money. Hence the "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" slogan. It would be a blast to go there for a bachelorette party, they have clubs, dancing, strip joints (and not the seedy little holes in the wall, but nice places) and party buses. It is fun, but pretty much only for adults. I had to distract my son many times because of the constant bombardment of images of women wearing next to nothing and striking poses rarely seen outside the bedroom or on a Brittney Spears tour. And many of those images are video and being played as you drive down the strip. It truly is Sin City, so be prepared to gamble, drink and smoke (whether you like it or not)! If you're not really into those things, it can still be fun, just not as much.