Wednesday, December 14, 2005

You Are What You Eat Meme: My Top Ten Favorite Foods

I've been tagged by Ilva and bna to participate in this meme. Thank you both!

First, let me say this. I am definitely going to cheat. ;-)

How else would I be able to cover even a tiny portion of the foods that I love? As I've gotten older, I find that I like more and more things. My tastes have broadened and I'm much less likely to say (about anything in my life) that I just *love* something better than anything else.

That said, here are my top ten favorite foods:


When I was young, I used to cut a hunk of cheddar off the block and microwave it until it was all melted, oil separated and sitting on the top. I would grab a fork and eat it. Just melted cheese. It was one of my favorite things.

Now, I'm older and no I don't microwave just plain old cheese anymore. But, I still love cheese. How do I love cheese? Let me count the ways: cheddar (mild, medium and sharp), monterey jack, pepper jack, mozzarella, swiss, gouda, edam, dill havarti, gorgonzola, blue, asiago, parmesan, ricotta, cream cheese, feta, emmental, romano, gruyere, mizithra, string, colby, cotija, meunster, and cottage. I might have missed a couple, but you get the idea!

Oh, and the only cheese I don't like: brie.


This is pretty simple. I like breads of all sorts. In fact, I've rarely met a bread that I didn't like. Bread for sandwiches. Bread to go with soup. Bread with butter. All good.


I like fruits of all sorts, but I am particularly partial to berries. I can remember picking blackberries from wild bushes in the woods near my house when I was a young child. Those moments were pure, simple and sweet. Positive reinforcement may very well be at work here!


There is nothing that satisfies me more than to find a good chicken fried steak. I think it is really hard to find a good chicken fried steak, so that may be why I get so excited when I do find one!


Ok, so this is cheating. But really, how can you pick just one kind of soup? I love broth based soups, cream soups, veggie soups, meat soups, noodle soups...again, I've rarely met a soup I didn't like. (Although I haven't tried the more adventurous types, such as melon soup or other cold soups.)


Whether it's lemon for fish or iced tea, lime for a beer or a bowl of pho ga, or a tangerine to share between friends, citrus fruits have a bigger influence on food than I would have ever thought growing up. But I know, when you need that lemon or lime, nothing else will do!


There is absolutely nothing in the world like a good piece of sushi. And if you want to eat a good piece of sushi, go to one of Nobu Matsuhisa's restaurants. You'll never want to go anywhere else again. (The above is yellowtail with jalapeno and some die for)


If you haven't caught onto the theme...I am big on savory foods. This was a dish made at by a little chain of restaurants called La Madeleine's. I believe that they still make these, but I no longer live near one. If you ever see one, you should try this dish. It is a puff pastry filled with a combination of chicken, mushrooms and bechamel sauce, then topped with a mushroom cream sauce. It's amazing. You should also try their french onion soup..mmmmm!


If you're ever in Scottsdale, AZ, you should definitely go to the Carlsbad Tavern restaurant. That is, IF you like spicy foods. If not, skip it!

Their blue corn enchiladas are filled with cheese and one has chicken and the other has gulf shrimp. They're covered with a green sauce and more cheese. Need I say more? (Ahem, could I get some more cheese here?)


By themselves or used in a dish. Black, green, kalamata. Stuffed. Spicy or mellow. Nuff said.

I'm tagging my sister Stephanie for this meme...because she really needs to start posting on her blog more! I would tag others, but it looks like I was last to do this one. If you haven't done it yet...consider this your *tag*!


Kristi said...

I am so with you on #1 and #2. Cheese and bread are two of my absolute favorites, and may even be my top 2. I could eat nothing but these two foods for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy. I haven't been tagged for this yet, so I might take you up on your tagging offer.

BNA said...

well done indeed! I'd forgotten until I read your post how much I love a good chicken-fried steak.

Dawn said...

kristi, if I had known you hadn't been tagged yet I definitely would've called on you! Seems like everyone else has already done this meme recently. It's a lot of fun. Since you agree with me on #1 and #2, you must love fondue!! I like it a bunch.

bna, thanks again for the tag, I do love a good chicken fried steak!

michelle said...

I agree with you - there is no end to delicious foods, especially as I've gotten older and more willing to try new things. Great pictures, too! That cheese plate looks like something I'd like to get my hands into!

Dawn said...

Michelle, you said it. I went looking for yummy looking photos and MAN, that is NOT a good idea when you're stuck at work with a can of soup sitting on your desk!! I honestly think I haven't even begun to really try all of the foods I should. That's why I need to be independently wealthy!! So I can travel and eat, eat and travel!

Ilva said...

What a nice read Dawn and there are many of your likes that are my likes as well! but now I want to hear about the lunch with the Tuscan chef.....

Heather said...

You will have to share some of your good soup recipes with me. I am a new lover of soup and am looking for good recipes.

Dawn said...

Heather, I have only posted one soup recipe so far, but it is one of my favorites! You should go check it is for Potato Leek Soup. It should either be in October or September's archives.