Monday, October 10, 2005

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Well, my pizza cravings took over yesterday. Even after I ate a Stouffer's french bread pizza, I still had a craving for more! Determined to finally use my Pampered Chef deep dish baker once and for all, I went straight to the computer and downloaded Emeril Lagasse's recipe for Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza.

I thought that I would use some Bridgeford frozen bread dough for the crust (I's sacrelige to some...but I was feeling a little lazy). But, in the end, my poor planning left me with too little time to go purchase the dough, let it thaw and rise. So, I was forced to make my own dough, using the recipe that Emeril references on his pizza recipe. It was surprisingly quick, easy and tasty. I guess pizza dough is the best place to start making bread.

I followed the recipe exactly and made no changes. I was lucky to find a really great Italian sausage at my Stater Bros. that made the flavor out of this world! The recipe was really simple and the finished product was excellent! At first I was a little worried when I pulled the pie out of the oven because it looked a little "wet" on top. But after we cut into it and had a taste, all of my doubts were gone. This pizza was worth the work!

The pizza tasted like there was a trick to was that yummy. I would recommend it to anyone! Next time we are going to try some pepperoni and less onions/peppers (my 5 year old needs to eat, too) for variety.

And of course, what is better than homemade pizza? Leftover homemade pizza! Guess what I ate for breakfast today? :-)


Stephanie said...

That does look yummy! I will give that a try this week! I have a deep dish baker too.

michelle said...

Mmmm...I have a deep dish baker too but for some reason it never crossed my mind to use it for pizza! What a great idea! Plus, your kitties are adorable :) and where are those donuts...?

Dawn said...

Michelle, just knowing that you are looking forward to them will be motivation enought to make them... :)

I got hung up on trying to figure out the wiring for those (can't just stab the metal through it, since there's a hole in the middle), but I will figure it out and get some pics going!

Kristi said...

mmmm.. pizza. I could eat only pizza every day for the rest of my life and be completely happy. I prefer thin crust pizza myself, but yours looks delicious. Well done!

Dawn said...

Thanks Kristi. It really tasted great. I was surprised!

farmgirl said...

Congratulations! Yum, yum, yum! LOL, I wrote an entire post on Loving Leftover Pizza. . . : )

P.S. And whenever somebody tells me they want to bake bread for the first time, I always recommend starting with pizza dough. You're definitely on the right track!