Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Vegas Night at the Wyndham

Last night was Vegas Night at the Wyndham down the street. Vegas Night is a special event they do once a year to thank their customers. Since we use them as our preferred vendor, all of the employees here were invited. Of course, I was the only one who attended, and they missed out.

First, I started my evening by taking a photo with "Elvis" and a showgirl. Then, I headed upstairs, picked up my glass of champagne and started nibbling! They had a fabulous cheese and fruit platter, with about 7 types of cheese. Next, the circulating hors d'oeuvres came around with bacon wrapped scallops, mini beef wellingtons and spanokopita. Yum!

They had two beautiful cakes (I had to ask if they were real), decorated with fondant hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds, white chocolate curls and playing cards.

Once you got in the ballroom, they had four food stations. One was a carvery, with beef tenderloin, ham and mashed potatoes. Another was a pasta station, with italian pastas and salads. Third there was a chinese food corner (they had more mini beef wellingtons there...yum). And last there was a seafood corner. The seafood corner had great big crab legs, shrimp cocktail and several types of sushi.

And of course there was a full bar (gratis, thank you!) in the reception area. The DJ played popular music (some of the folks looked uncomfortable with the hip-hop/rap selections) and they raffled off a bunch of gifts. My sister won a stay at the hotel and tickets to Dora the Explorer. And our fried Shane won the centerpiece, which was a casino set (cards, chips, etc.).

The food was the highlight (although watching people dance was a close second) of the night. Would definitely go again next year. Too bad I won't have my job next year!


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