Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mmmmm....Cheese Ball

This is the best cheese ball I've ever eaten. And it gets rave reviews wherever it is taken. My sister-in-law got this from her friend. We've all passed the recipe around and I treasure it. Simple, make-ahead, party food that's sure to be a hit! Next time I make it, I'll post a photo.

Cheese Ball
2 8oz packages cream cheese
1 10oz package Cracker Barrel Natural Sharp Cheese
1 tsp. chopped onion
1 tsp. lemon juice
1 Tbsp. diced green bell pepper
1 Tbsp. pimiento (diced) these come in a jar
2 tsp. worcestershire sauce
1 dash cayenne pepper

Blend all ingredients with hands and shape into ball. Wrap in wax paper. Chill 24 hours.

Variation: roll in chopped nuts.


Stephanie said...

I made it this morning! It should be ready by tomorrow night!

LisaSD said...

Hi, Dawn--

Couldn't find an e-mail address for you and wanted to ask if you minded if I put a link to your site on my site? I just started a food blog about 2 weeks ago and I wanted to make a list of SoCal food blogs...

Dawn said...

Hi lisasd, it's fine with me to link to my blog. My email is if you wanted to email. Where are you in SoCal?

kitchenmage said...

If it's cheeseball time, it must be coing up on the fall/winter holidays. grin I haven't made one in years but this has me thinking it might be time.