Monday, October 03, 2005

Queens of the Stone Age and NIN Rock

I went and saw the QOTSA and NIN on Saturday night at the Hollywood Bowl. I have never been to a show that rocked so hard! The Queens had an awesome set...I would go to see them as the headliner. And NIN was very good, too. I am not as familiar with all of his newer music, but there were probably at least 10 songs that I knew. Both of the bands were very tight, neither one had any hiccups.

Autolux opened for them first. I cannot say that I liked them at all, honestly. But one thing I learned is that if the music is bad, it sounds much louder than if it is good. And Autolux was so loud I had to cover my ears.

Trent Reznor looked nice with his very short haircut (even if he looked like his new addiction is weightlifting). He was very intense when he sang and did a good job tailoring the show to this audience. The Hollywood Bowl is pretty much all seats, so there is no room for a crowd to smash together and really enjoy the music the way I think it should be.

Josh from Queens was pretty funny. I like that he talks to the audience. He comes across as a prick a little, but that just added to the humor. I would love to go see them again locally, so I hope that they play around here on a semi-regular basis after the NIN tour.

On a separate note, I was motivated enough to go buy some polymer clay and made my first food earrings. I have a couple of sunny-side-up eggs and a couple of pieces of toast. I will post pics tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

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michelle said...

Glad you had a good weekend! Can't wait to see those earrings...