Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Kitchen Meme

Ilva at Lucullian Delights has tagged me to do a kitchen meme. This is my first meme, so I am happy in a childlike way!

1) Show us your kitchen ( a picture) and tell us what is it about this place that reflects your own personality.

This kitchen is small, so it is hard to fit personality in with functionality! My family is very important to me, and my refrigerator reflects that. Lots of art and photos about family. I can't wait to get to a house...I'll be sure to do an updated photo next year, so you can tell more about me. Mostly this kitchen says: I'm a renter!

Kitchen Photo

2) Open a cupboard (the one you feel to open), take a picture and tell us what we see.

Here are all the basics that carry me through working full time and having a family. Peanut butter, quick cooking packages of pasta, cans of tuna and refried beans, fruit cups and applesauce. Funny how sometimes, even with a full cupboard, I can come home from work and have no idea what to make! The fast cooking food is a necessary convenience for during the week. The weekend is when I get to make food I am excited about!

Cupboard Shot

3) Present us your favorite kitchen-based household appliance.

This is my favorite appliance. Especially after making a recipe like the pumpkin cheesecake. I think my arm wouldv'e fallen off if I had to do all that stirring manually! One day I hope to get a pasta attachment.

KitchenAid Mixer

4) Take out the ingredients you like the most, the ones you always keep stored.

I like to have staple ingredients around. There is no substitute for these simple items. So many recipes I make are straight-forward and require these simple ingredients. I like to have flour, sugar (brown, white, confectioners), salt, vanilla extract, spices, chocolate and pasta. There are other things, but these are what came to mind first.

Staple Pantry Items

5) My little steel friend: present us to your favorite cooking/baking recipient.

I absolutely LOVE my cast iron pan. I bought it early this year and have been seasoning it since then. I would rather eat a hamburger cooked inside in my cast iron pan than one grilled outside on the barbecue. There is nothing like a burger, seared on the outside, stuffed with blue cheese butter, oozing when you bite into it. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! This pan gives so much flavor, food will keep tasting better and better over the years. I am hoping to get a cast iron dutch oven soon.

Cast Iron Pan

I am going to tag a few folks I know to jump in on this meme. Can't wait to see some kitchen pics from:

Stephanie at Craftybeans
Kristi at Interrupted Wanderlust
Vicki at the Moveable Feast


ilva said...

One can see that it's a kitchen where someone likes cooking! I love your kitchen appliance whatever it can be called-I always wanted one like that!

Dawn said...

Thanks! My husband bought that for me a few Christmases ago and he did a good job...I like the color on it alot!

Stephanie said...

I love your mixer too. They are the best!!

If you do end up buying the pasta attachment, make sure you buy the expensive one ($125 or so). I was reading reviews about the pasta plates I bought that attach to my food grinder and now I'm afraid to use them!!!

michelle said...

Okay, now I have to get on the ball since I was tagged too! It's hard being a renter, I can't wait for the 'real' kitchen we'll both have someday...and I'm completely envious of your cast iron pan. That pumpkin cheesecake you made looks divine!

Dawn said...

Michelle, the cheesecake was definitely good! My coworkers got to sample it and they all loved it. I'm hoping to see what a fellow renter's kitchen looks like...sometimes it feels like everyone else I know owns a house!

Kristi said...

Ahhh... the Kitchenaid mixer. My Holy Grail. I hope to get one for Christmas. Yours is very nice.

Thanks for tagging me. But I live in the dark ages-I don't own a digital camera! So, I will take photos with my 35mm, and post them when I get the roll developed. It might be awhile, though. :)

kitchenmage said...

I have that KA too. Although mine hasn't been that clean since the day after I brought it home. Do you have pixies with cotton swabs living in your kitchen drawers? (I wrote that without "kitchen" and then had to add it because...well, read it without it and think like Beavis and Butthead)

Dawn said...

You are cracking me up, Kitchenmage! Yes, I am a little exacting when it comes to keeping my kitchen appliances clean. It's my OCD showing!