Friday, October 21, 2005

Top 10 Reasons I Love Food Blogs

10. I learn stuff from other people.
9. I get recipes that have already been tried, critiqued and photographed. Thank you for making the mistakes first!
8. The smells...(I swear I can smell this stuff sometimes)...ok, the "hallucinated" smells.
7. Amazing, animals, scenic vistas...and sometimes a loving boyfriend in spandex.
6. It doesn't matter what language the blog is in...usually, you can still enjoy them. Food is universal.
5. I don't have to read the depressed ramblings of lonely high school/college/fill-in-the-blank people who are self-obsessed. I'll take food-obsessed people any day!
4. Foodies don't dedicate entire entries on how George W. Bush is the devil.
3. The inspiration. Foodies are definitely the type to feed off of one another. No pun intended.
2. The motivation. I know that someone will be looking forward to my next project...must---get---off---the---couch!
1. The people. From every corner of the world, all sorts of professions, there is community in blogs. And the people are what makes or breaks a community. And the foodie blog community pretty much rocks!


vlb5757 said...

That was totally wonderful. I think you should trademark it!

ilva said...

Dawn-I agree! So much more fun to check out food blogs (and other theme blogs) than 'normal' ones!

michelle said...

Awww, you're so cute! Loving boyfriend doesn't appreciate the posting of him in spandex nearly as much as you and I (thou he did give me permission)! I agree with everything you said - such a neat post!

Kristi said...

I agree! And my own blog isn't even a food blog. I think I would categorize myself as a "foodie in training." Your points are all right on the money! And btw, I plan on making your pumpkin cheesecake recipe next weekend.

Dawn said...

Michelle, anytime you want to post fun pics of Loving Boyfriend, I'll be here to appreciate them with you! :-)

Kristi, I hope that you have the same success we had here with the cheesecake. I would only suggest sharing as much as you can. We only have the three of us here and with the cinnamon rolls and all, we didn't get to finish it before it was past it's prime! It is definitely a lighter cheesecake, but it's still hard to eat a whole cheesecake, no matter how lite!

Rachael said...

Lovely, and funny. You should make this a meme!