Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dawn Needs...

Ok, just for fun, I went and tried something out that I saw on a non-food-related blog. I went on www.google.com and typed in "Dawn needs" and saw what the first 10 answers were. Funny:

  1. Dawn needs a REALITY CHECK
  2. Dawn needs a process for expenditures
  3. Nuclear Dawn needs concept artists!
  4. Dawn needs to develop more speed endurance
  5. Dawn needs us now.
  6. Dawn needs you.
  7. Dawn Needs a Tripod
  8. Dawn needs to get out of the house
  9. Dawn Needs to Firm Up Her Group’s Flextime Options
  10. Dawn needs someone to look after her

Fun...you should try it out...just go to google and type in "your first name needs" and see what comes up!


vlb5757 said...

What ever possed you to do that? I know that my first and last name used to be a porn site. I took a college level beginner computer class a few years ago. The teacher told us to type in our name. I was horrified! I can't wait to see what happens this time! I will let you know if anything good pops up.

Dawn said...

I saw it on another bloggers site and thought it would be funny to see what came up! I didn't get any porn sites for my name, though...I guess 'Dawn' just isn't sexy enough!

Kristi said...

LOL- what a funny idea. My first ones says "Kristi needs to know exactly what time she is to be doing something"

michelle said...

This is hilarious! Apparently Michelle Needs Your Help first, then Michelle Needs Her Own Reality Show.
Yikes! ...but at least it wasn't a porn site, like Vickie's!