Friday, October 14, 2005

Weekend Plans

How bad is it that I am looking forward to going to the pumpkin patch this weekend as much as my son is? Well, once I found out that they have a produce stand, my interest increased. Tanaka Farms is in Irvine, CA and offers produce almost year round, as well as u-pick strawberries and pumpkins. I'm not sure if you've ever seen a pumpkin on the vine, but let's just say it can be a "pointed" encounter, so we usually select our orange friend from a table.

Last year we had quite a good time trying our hand at some unusual pumpkin carvings. The first guy here was getting sick. The next guy was paying homage to my husband's favorite cartoon cat, Tom (of Tom and Jerry). The small guy on the bottom was my son's. Check out the single tooth - his idea. And then the mischevious guy is mine. Had to try out the stem as a nose.

This year, I hope to do the same. I was getting a little inspiration this morning from the Pumpkin Gutter.

And in addition to carving a pretty pumpkin, I figure it is time to do something else (something that I've never done): cook with pumpkin. Now, I know, I can't believe I haven't cooked with it yet either. I guess plain ol' pumpkin pie doesn't inspire me enough at the end of a long workday. But when I saw how many other recipes were possible using this versatile fruit, my tastebuds were entranced.

Will it be pumpkin cheesecake or maybe a simple pumpkin bread? Or a savory pumpkin soup? If you have any suggestions about a great idea for pumpkins, pass it along. Hopefully by Monday, I should be posting about pumpkins!

Which begs the question, how many times can you say 'pumpkin' in one post?


Anonymous said...

Your jack o' lanterns totally put mine to shame. I love that one with a stem for a nose--hysterical! I love cooking with pumpkin--partly because of the way it tastes but also because of how yummy it makes your house smell!!


Dawn said...

Well, I had fun cooking with pumpkin for my first time. I will post some pics of the YUMMY pumpkin cheesecake that I baked this weekend later on today.

michelle said...

WOW! I'm so impressed with your carving abilities! I have a pumpkin sitting around that needs to be carved. Thanks for the inspiration!

Dawn said...

ok Michelle, you know that this means I'll be looking forward to a lovely carved pumpkin now, right? ;-)